Lagardère Studios : undisputed leader in french fiction

Lagardère Studios : undisputed leader in french fiction

This year once again Lagardère Studios reached first place in the annual ranking of producers of French fiction by Écran Total (13 September 2017/n°154), with a sharp increase in primetime hourly numbers.

Our 9 companies—DEMD Productions, GMT Productions, Merlin Productions, Atlantique Productions, Ango Productions, Aubes Productions, Image & Compagnie, Kelija, ID Fictions—put out a total of 65 hours and 40 minutes of fiction.

Hit series like Joséphine Ange Gardien,Caïn, Tandem (DEMD Productions), Clem (Merlin Productions), Jour polaire (Atlantique Productions in an international coproduction) and Manon 20 ans (Image & Compagnie), and top-notch one-offs such as On l’appelait Ruby (Kelija) and Je suis coupable (IDFictions) were just some of the productions that helped us seal the top spot.

“I am extremely proud of this ranking, and of our producers and the diversity of productions we have to offer,” announced Christophe Thoral, president of Lagardère Studios. “Lagardère Studios would like to thank our talent and broadcasting partners who put their trust in us and allowed us to confirm this status. Our collective challenge now is to boost the volume of production.”

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About de Lagardère Studios:

Created in 2008, Lagardère Studios (a Lagardère Active company) is a leader in independent audiovisual production in France, incorporating all the audiovisual production activities of the Lagardère Group. These include:

- For French TV: 909 Productions, Ango, Carson Prod, DEMD Prod, Electron Libre Productions, Fifty Cats, GMT, !dFictions, Image & Compagnie, Imagissime, Maximal Productions, Merlin Productions, and Réservoir Prod.

- For international TV: Atlantique Productions, De Père en Fils, Kelija, Telmondis, Keewu across Africa, and the Grupo Boomerang TV in Spain.

- For formats acquisitions and distribution: Lagardère Studios Distribution, Diffa, Editions Musicales François 1er, Telmondis Distribution, and The Box.

- For corporate/digital: 909 Productions, BLive, LED, and

Lagardère Studios is a key player in the production, distribution and management of audiovisual content. Its flagship programs for TV in France include: Caïn, Clem, Joséphine Ange Gardien, C dans l’air, Nos Chers Voisins, Jour Polaire, Tandem, Mafiosa, Borgia, Le Grand Show, Pep’s, Mille et une vies, the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival, the Concert pour la Tolérance, Recherche appartement ou maison, the Concert de Paris, In Ze boîte, and Maison à vendre.

For TV in Spain: Accacias 38, El Secreto Del Puente Viejo, Mar de plastico, La Voz, Los Misterios De Laura, and Top Chef.

And for TV in Africa: C’est la vie, Top radio, Area Daddy and Popenguine.