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Our ambition.

Christophe ThoralPresident

Leading French producer Lagardère Studios has embarked on a path of global expansion to reach new audiences, create synergies and develop shared content strategies. Having boosted our presence in Spanish-language countries through our Spanish subsidiary Grupo Boomerang, and in northern Europe by investing in Aito Media (Finland) and Skyhigh TV (Netherlands), today Lagardère Studios is a key player in independent production and distribution across Europe. In pursuing this dynamic strategy, our goal is to strengthen our position as an indispensable partner to content broadcasters in every country.

Everywhere, Lagardère Studios offers clients a strong partnership, with them at every step, and always one step ahead of changes in the audiovisual world by covering all production models: local productions, international coproductions, format adaptations, controlled-budget industrial films and corporate and digital creations.

Through our program distribution activity, Lagardère Studios actively brings forward high-end drama series and documentaries across the whole of Europe. The wealth and diversity of our catalogue is a major asset in these days of ever-growing demand for new content.

For all this, Lagardère Studios must draw fresh talent to offer unique, innovative creations and formats, bringing together the best professionals in the field with a single goal: to offer the very best in audiovisual production.

Lagardère Studios.

The group Lagardère Studios
Lagardère StudioLagardère Studio

Lagardère Studios.

The group Lagardère Studios

Lagardère Studios is a key player in the creation, production, distribution and management of audiovisual content in Europe and Africa.

Its 28 companies and labels produce and distribute the best in audiovisual creative content:

For French productions: 909 Productions, Ango, Atlantique Productions, Carson Prod, DEMD Prod, Electron Libre Productions, GMT, IdFictions, Image & Compagnie, Imagissime, Kelija, Maximal Productions, Merlin Productions, Réservoir Prod, Save Ferris Studios, LED, Telmondis, Tempora.prod, Résolution by Lagardère Studios, …

For international productions: Boomerang TV, BLive and Nova Veranda in Spain, Aito Media Group in Finland, Skyhigh TV in Netherlands and Keewu in Africa.

For distribution: Lagardère Studios Distribution, Diffa, Editions Musicales François 1er, Telmondis Distribution, The Box.

Our hit series and programs include:

In France : Caïn, Clem, Joséphine Ange Gardien, Philharmonia, Ad Vitam, Eden, Nos Chers Voisins, Jour Polaire, Tandem, Mafiosa, Borgia, C dans l’air, Le Grand Show, Safari Go, Ça commence aujourd’hui, C’est mon choix, Naked and Afraid, Recherche appartement ou maison, Le Concert de Paris, Maison à vendre, Entre Ciel et Terre, ...

In Spain : La otra Mirada, Acacias 38, El Secreto Del Puente Viejo, Mar de plastico, La Voz, Los Misterios De Laura, Top Chef, ...

In Finland : Pirjo, The night patrol, Letter to my baby, The Redneck Auction, Haapasalo and Friends, …

In Netherlands : Teen mom: celebrity support, Full house, House rules, With open arms, Meet the van Rossems, Worst Driver, …

In Africa : C’est la vie, Top Radio, Area Daddy, Sakho et Mangane…

Our societies around the world

909 productions909 productions
Aito MediaAito Media
Ango ProductionsAngo Productions
Atlantique ProductionsAtlantique Productions
BCL ProduccionesBCL Producciones
Boomerang TVBoomerang TV
Carson ProdCarson Prod
DEMD ProductionsDEMD Productions
Editions Musicales François IerEditions Musicales François Ier
Electron Libre ProductionsElectron Libre Productions
GMT ProductionsGMT Productions
ID FictionsID Fictions
Image & CompagnieImage & Compagnie
Keewu ProductionKeewu Production
Lagardère StudiosLagardère Studios
Lagardère Studios DistributionLagardère Studios Distribution
Maximal ProductionsMaximal Productions
Merlin ProductionsMerlin Productions
Réservoir ProdRéservoir Prod
Resolution by Lagardère StudiosResolution by Lagardère Studios
Save Ferris StudiosSave Ferris Studios
Skyhigh TVSkyhigh TV
Tempora ProdTempora Prod


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Management team.

Christophe ThoralChristophe Thoral
Christophe Thoral CEO
Philippe PerthuisPhilippe Perthuis
Philippe Perthuis Managing director
Florence BlucheFlorence Bluche
Florence Bluche Human Resources director
Armelle ChasséArmelle Chassé
Armelle Chassé Legal director
Charlotte Toledano-DetailleCharlotte Toledano-Detaille
Charlotte Toledano-Detaille Format acquisitions and content development director
Virginie LafleurVirginie Lafleur
Virginie Lafleur Communication director
Thomas PlessisThomas Plessis
Thomas Plessis Digital director
Benjamin ReyBenjamin Rey
Benjamin Rey Finance director
Jean-Marc RouhetteJean-Marc Rouhette
Jean-Marc Rouhette Productions director

TV Production France


Olivier Bibas

Jimmy Desmarais


Frédéric Joly


Ivan Sadik


Franck Saurat


Sébastien Pavard


Yannis Chebbi

Michaël Kazan


Julien Dewolf


Pierre Eid


Nicole Collet


Elodie Polo-Ackermann


Katia Raïs

Claudia Da Silva


Bruno Gaston


Rose Brandford Griffith


Jean-Baptiste Claverie

Guillaume Wanneroy


Jean-Charles Felli

Christophe Tomas


Nathalie Grava


Antoine Perset

International TV Production


Ilkka Hynninen

Eero Hietala


Alejandro Ojeda


Pepe Abril

Pedro Ricote

Juan José Diaz


Alexandre Rideau


Bernard Van Den Bosch

Mark Dik

Wilfred Drechsler

Rights and Distribution


Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet

Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet

Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet
Denis Furne
Antoine Perset


Charlotte Detaille - Director of Rights and Content Development

Our commitmentsCharte de la diversité

Our commitments.

Lagardère Studios takes active steps toward diversity in the workplace.
Our commitmentsCharte de la diversité


As producers of content (drama, documentary, debate programs, news and lifestyle…) Lagardère Studios is aware of the key role its production companies have in representing diversity across the French audiovisual landscape. Our productions should reflect diversity of every kind, and in so doing mirror society today. Diversity is also a necessary element for the success of our productions, whatever the target audience. This long-term engagement is now part of the “Active Diversity” program launched at the end of 2012 by Denis Olivennes, President of Lagardère Active.

Awareness and training:

Lagardère Studios launched its first diversity awareness program for our producers at a workshop in June 2012.

Parallel to this, the Lagardère Active group hired an independent outside firm, Les Bâtisseurs de Mémoire, to carry out a diversity audit of the entire Lagardère Active group. The results of the audit concerning Lagardère Studios were presented to the managers of all production companies on January 31, 2013.

Then, at the end of April 2013, Lagardère Studios top management completed training on the subject of cultural diversity, a program led by consulting firm Altidem (Julien Viteau).

Setting goals for action:

At the diversity awareness training our managers were asked to envisage the content and management tools and actions that would promote diversity within their respective teams as well as in the content of their productions. Each manager then committed to implementing at least one of these actions with his or her team before the end of 2013.

Recruiting and promoting differently:

A partnership between the Lagardère Active group and Mozaïk RH is being explored.

Lagardère Studios has formed a partnership with the Ecole Miroir in Epinay-sur-Seine, a school that provides free training for young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to pursue careers in the audiovisual and performing arts. As part of this partnership, the company financed the portfolios of a number of students at the school. Veritable professional tools, these portfolios were then sent out to various producers and casting directors of companies within our Entertainment division. More on this project can be read in an interview with Florence Bluche that appeared in our annual sustainability report.

In February 2013, in a joint effort with the association “Un stage et après,” Lagardère Studios welcomed two middle school students from educational priority areas for a two-week internship. The goal of this initiative was to introduce the students to the business world.


At the diversity awareness workshop, managers were provided with language codes. These tools allow for more effective communication on issues of diversity, a subject often difficult to broach inside as well as outside the workplace.

Some Lagardère Studios companies organize high-profile events, for example Electron Libre and the Concert pour la Tolérance, which for its 11th year gathered a crowd of over 200,000 on the beach in Agadir, Morocco on October 6, 2012; DEMD and the series Joséphine Ange Gardien on TF1, as well as Caïn on France Télévision.

At Lagardère Studios annual producers’ seminar in June 2012, a goal of one of the workshops was to have managers work together to devise a corporate communications strategy for the Ecole Miroir to help boost its notoriety. A selection of the best ideas was submitted to the directors of the school.

Assessing and advancing our actions:

The broadcasters (TF1, France Télévisions, M6…) of programs produced by Lagardère Studios subsidiaries regularly promote the portrayal of diversity within the content they broadcast (ethnic issues, disabilities, equality…). In this way they have become endorsers of our commitment to a better representation of diversity.

Our values

Our values.

The brand Lagardère Studios, the founding qualities.
Our values

It shares the common values ​​of the group and appropriates specific ambitions of these businesses:

Diversity, in the sense of openness to others and a source of mutual enrichment. Lagardère Studios must reflect the actual company.

Innovation is creating new concepts, new business models and new production systems. It will unfold as a creative point of view, economic or technical, and allow ourselves to be powerful influencers. (In content and means)

Independence, being a company which unites the Talent (creative) and talent (employees). We attach particular importance to the creativity, skills and dispositions necessary for its implementation. Talent is a guarantee of originality and distinctive.

Exemplary, or be a model employer. Sensitive / Attentive to HR issues, safety and welfare of our employees, ... (We say what we do and we do what we say).

Expertise, the guarantee of a trusted company.

We position ourselves as a strong partner and guarantor of the commitments (deadlines, budgets, ...).