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Our ambition.

Alexandre Rideau

Keewu s’attelle à produire les histoires du continent africain pour divertir un large public tout en apportant unéclairage utile sur les enjeux contemporains.


The society Keewu
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The society Keewu

Keewu Productionswas founded by Alexandre Rideau in 2012. With a presence in Senegal, the company now plans to expand its African business.

Keewu Productions tells the stories of Africa while providing viewers with useful insights into contemporary issues.

KEEWU produces different types of audiovisual fiction on health and education, for pan-African or local television channels, and/or funded by NGOs and public/parapublic bodies.

Keewu is also a partner of nine film schools, placing the training of African artists and technicians at the very core of its productions.

Keewu Productions:

  • : TV series created by Marguerite Abouet, author of the comic strip Aya Yopougon. A total of 62 x 26-minute episodes convey health messages (sponsors: WHO, UNICEF, UN Women, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Orange, MUSKOKA Fund, etc.). Season 2 currently being broadcast. Season 3 under production in 2019: 30 additional episodes.
  • : police series, 8 x 52 minutes. Canal + International's first original production in Africa.
  • : adventure series, 8 x 52 minutes. Under development for Canal + International.
  • : 6 x 52-minute series under development in Morocco.
  • : 10 x 7-minute family cartoon web-series - under production in Nigeria.
  • : 10 x 5 minutes series. Produced in 2016.
  • : 13 x 26-minute Ivorian series - broadcast on RTI and TV5.
  • : 8 x 22-minute series produced in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) for MTV.