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Our ambition.

Alexandre Rideau

Keewu s’attelle à produire les histoires du continent africain pour divertir un large public tout en apportant unéclairage utile sur les enjeux contemporains.


The society Keewu
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The society Keewu

The Keewu Production label was created in 2012 by Alexandre Rideau. Based in Senegal, Keewu’s activities extend across French-speaking countries.

Alexandre Rideau, founding member and director of RAES (African Network for Education, Health and Citizenship) since 2005, has developed a network of international partners with the production of cutting-edge media projects. Alexandre has worked with NGOs and organizations in the public and para-public sectors to produce audiovisual content focused on health and education.

Additionally, Keewu is partnered with 9 African film schools.

Finding and training African talent is at the heart of Keewu’s activities, to produce stories from the continent that shed light on present-day issues faced by its audiences.

Keewu’s productions include:

  • C’est La Vie: a series created by Marguerite Abouet, writer of the Aya Yopougon comics. All 26 episodes, lasting 26 minutes each, deliver health messages to African viewers (sponsored by WHO, UNICEF, UN Women, Bill Gates, Orange, and FSP MUSKOKA). Season 2 is currently in the works.
  • Top Radio: a 13x26’ series from the Ivory Coast
  • Bruits de Tambour: a 26x26’ political thriller from the Sahel
  • Vent d’Hivernage: political thriller from the Sahel
  • Popenguine: a drama centered around African youth

Area Daddy: an animated family web series