Lagardère Studios and Huawei : an exclusive initiative

Lagardère Studios and Huawei : an exclusive initiative

LAGARDÈRE STUDIOS and HUAWEI are launching an unprecedented initiative for the brand’s 6 million users in France and its territories.

LAGARDÈRE STUDIOS and HUAWEI, two major players in their respective fields, are offering an exclusive first peek at footage from the series PHILHARMONIA, after downloading its official wallpaper using the HUAWEI “THEMES” app. The package was launched at MIPCOM 2018 (Cannes 15-18 October), the biggest global market for entertainment content.

This first step with global giant HUAWEI will undoubtedly pave the way for further creative initiatives and reflects a growing ambition among Lagardère Studios producers to boost their programs’ presence on the web and mobile phones.

PHILHARMONIA, the highly anticipated series produced by Rose Brandford Griffith at Merlin Productions (a Lagardère Studios company) and distributed by Lagardère Studios Distribution, has already received acclaim in Biarritz (TVFI) and La Rochelle (Festival de la Fiction TV). The series will air on France 2 in early 2019.

Philharmonia follows the journey to hell and back into the light of an exceptionally gifted conductor with music in her veins and a diabolical reputation. Hired against the advice of the directors and musicians, Hélène Barizet has one season to prove her worth and save the orchestra. The maestra turns to Selena Rivière, a young violin prodigy, to help her but what insight can Hélène hand down when all she wants is to break with the past?



Production: MERLIN PRODUCTIONS (Rose Brandford Griffith)


Director: Louis Choquette

Writers: Marine Gacem, Clara Bourreau

Series creator: Marine Gacem

Music: Eduardo Noya Schreus, Etienne Perruchon

With Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Lina El Arabi, Tomer Sisley, Laurent Bateau, François Vincentelli, Jacques Weber, Charlie Bruneau, Tom Novembre, Olivier Chantreau, Guillaume Dolmans, Véronique Jannot, Audran Cattin, Marie Vincent, François Bureloup

Distribution: Lagardère Studios Distribution

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