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Ango Productions is a Lagardère Studios label. Created in 1993 and run by Ivan Sadik since March 2017, Ango Productions has produced successful short programs such as "Nos Chers Voisins" (TF1), in co-production with Aubes Productions, or (TF1), along with TV movies such as "Pe’ps" or "Le clan des Lanzac" or “ Meurtres à Dunkerque”.

Under the guidance of new management, Ango Productions produced "Le jour où j’ai brûlé mon coeur” , an event-specific piece« Le jour où j’ai brûlé mon cœur" and free adaptation of Jonathan Destin's true story, which attracted more than 7.2 million viewers on TF1 in November 2018. Ango Productions has produced 4 episodes of 52 minutes for "Crimes parfaitsLe clan des Lanzac", the France 3 series. It is currently working on post-production for the France 2 series "Il a déjà tes yeuxIl a déjà tes yeux ", (6 x 52-minute episodes), the follow-up to Lucien Jean-Baptiste's successful feature film, in co-production with Nolita TV.

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