Encarna Pardo (Entretenimiento) Josep Cister (Ficción), Alejandro Ojeda (Temáticos)


International TV Production



Creativity, innovation and efficient management are the pillars that have helped position Boomerang TV as a leader in the audiovisual sector. We are one of the key production companies in Spain and enjoy tremendous international exposure, with productions present in over 75 countries.

Boomerang TV Fiction produces over two hours of fiction a day, and is a leading creator of hit international daily dramas, including “Acacias 38,” which has been on the air for over two years, and the emblematic “Old Bridge Secret”, which has been on the air for more than six years and continues to draw excellent ratings in Spain, Italy and Chile. Our hit television shows also include such titles as the adaptation of the best-selling novel “The Time in Between”; the shocking thriller, “Plastic Sea,” and the mini-series “Our Guys.” In addition, Boomerang TV Entertainmentproduces major entertainment formats including “The Voice”, “The Voice Kids,” “Top Chef” and “Peking Express,” among others.

The Group’s series have enjoyed a warm reception on the international market and have aired on networks all over the world. “Mum Detective” became the first Spanish series to be adapted in the United States, hand-in-hand with Warner for NBC, and versions of the show have also aired in Italy, Holland and Russia.

The Boomerang TV Thematic division rounds out Boomerang TV’s production offer, developing and producing content for free-to-air and pay thematic channels. The division includes BLive, the Group’s digital area, in charge of representing influencers, managing YouTube channelsand creating and producing internet content.

Boomerang TV also produces in Latin America, with our subsidiary in Chile serving as a gateway to new markets. In May 2015, Lagardère Studios became our key partner, opening up a wide range of opportunities and further enhancing our potential for growth and expansion.

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    Encarna Pardo (Entretenimiento) Josep Cister (Ficción), Alejandro Ojeda (Temáticos)
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    Production TV Internationale
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