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Ivory Coast, France, Senegal

In 2012, Alain Modot (Media Consulting Group, Paris) and Jean Hubert Nankam (Martika Production, Abidjan) created DIFFA in response to the challenges of the audiovisual program market in Africa. In 2015, Lagardère Studios became a majority shareholder of DIFFA. Today, 80 African producers from 30 different countries have joined the company. Under Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet's leadership, DIFFA put into action an ambitious development plan, with the opening of offices in Africa and the support of its African teams working toward three key objectives:

  • To enhance the distribution of programs "made in Africa" in a market in full expansion, with the arrival of digital terrestrial technology;
  • To ensure the continuing development of production companies that entrust us with their catalogues and projects;
  • To provide African networks a diversity of content while guaranteeing the smooth promotion and distribution of works, and ensuring the technical quality of the programs purchased.

DIFFA is also a platform for dialogue and exchange among our producers and directors.

As a partner DIFFA is open to joint discussions on the necessary advancement of the sector in the areas of regulation, and the development and promotion of African creativity.

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    Alain Modot
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    Ivory Coast, France, Senegal