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A cross-sector music publishing and production company backed by a powerful network of major players abroad, ‘Les Éditions musicales François 1er’ is responsible for the supervision, management and development of around ten music catalogues, widely distributed by the Music Package digital platform. It now has nearly two million titles streamed annually and regularly releases soundtracks of prestigious French and foreign films and series produced by Lagardère Studios. These include "", in addition to the usual big hits with audiences that are already prime time series, and more recently "".

EMF1 has been firmly established on the digital market for nearly 10 years, and launched the "Collector Soundtracks" in 2017, kicking off with the complete original soundtrack to season 1 of Borgia. In 2019, EMF1 continued to reach out to the general public, with the creation of the international company SCORING PICTURES, which focuses on the synchronization of musical works on all audiovisual formats in France and abroad. It also launched the REMASTERED EDITION collection, a limited series of completely remastered recordings of its greatest soundtracks.

Finally, on the strength of the immense worldwide success of Ofenbach's first single, Be Mine, Les Editions François 1er signed a deal for four new singles by the electro duo in 2018 and 2019. It has also produced the French-Irish pop-rock group The Celtic Social Club's last three albums, including a live album and a video clip. They have been on a world tour for the last two years.

Les Éditions Musicales François 1er now manages the original and synchronized music of 400 films and series, all nationalities and formats combined, and has released a hundred albums (mainly soundtracks) digitally since 2013.

Excluding radio packages, stand-alone pieces and albums, the catalogue comprises approximately 400 films and series, all nationalities and formats combined, being broadcast or under management. It has also released about 100 albums (mainly soundtracks) in digital format since 2013.

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