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With over 60 hours of original music, Les Éditions Musicales François 1er manages the artistic, legal and administrative affairs of about a dozen publishing catalogues that gradually enrich the digital platform MUSIC PACKAGE, available online since 2014 and now offered to broadcast professionals and all Lagardère Studios companies.

Les Éditions Musicales is gradually extending its activities to cover social networks and digital channels (Youtube), to further advance the work of the musicians it supports.

After marketing several volumes of jingle compilations from the past ten years on the anniversary of Europe 1, plus a series of theme albums, Éditions Musicales François 1er produced the soundtracks of two major Lagardère Studios productions, Trépalium and Jour Polaire, as well as for many of the studio’s 2017 ratings successes, including Manon 20 Ans, Caïn Season 5 and Tandem Season 1.

In 2016, the label released and participated in the launching of the global hit "BE MINE" by Ofenbach¾diamond-, gold- and platinum-disc in over 20 countries and ranked TOP 10 on European charts for 6 months¾before expanding to new urban music catalogues. It will soon be signing with artist Claire Maguire, among others.

In 2017, it launched the "Collector Soundtracks Edition", an exclusive offer of over 100 titles and 4.5 hours of previously unreleased music from Season 1 of the series Borgia.

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