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Created in 1987 and run by Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, LAGARDÈRE STUDIOS DISTRIBUTION is one of Europe’s largest audiovisual distribution organizations. Its catalogue includes over 10,000 hours of programming covering all genres: drama, animation, documentaries, feature films.

Both its diversity and wealth of content are the result of partnerships with French and Foreign producers. Thanks to its attendance of trade shows, the company can conduct its distribution business both in France and abroad with partners such as TV channels (terrestrial, digital and cable), DVD publishers and new media players (platforms VOD, mobile telephony, etc.).

LAGARDÈRE STUDIOS DISTRIBUTION is in charge of distributing Lagardère Studios programs, among which: Cain (DEMD Productions), La Nouvelle Maud (Merlin Productions), Linus et Boom, (GENAO), Un Gars / Une Fille (Productions 22).

It also distributes the products of third-party producers such as MyBox Productions with Bref (Canal+), Doc Side with two signature mini-series documentaries: Le destin de Rome (The Destiny of Rome) and L’avènement d’Athènes (The Advent of Athens) (Arte) or with distributor Muse Distribution International for the series The Kennedys (F3).

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    Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet
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